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The best to-do list app made for you

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Organize your Life

Enjoy organizing your tasks in an easy and playful way. For yourself, with your family or friends.


No annoying paywalls

No paywall or hidden costs for features like colors, subtasks, attachments or working with others.


Stay on Track

Smart assistant reminds you of your current or overdue tasks. With our stats tracker you keep track of achievements.

Beautiful Home Screen

All your tasks and lists at a glance. Create new tasks, event or shopping items with a single click.

Agenda View

A comprehensive and easy way to keep track when (recurring) tasks are due. Additionally you can create events and share with friends. This is great if you don’t want to share with someone else like with your babysitter.

Smart Notifications

Get daily reminder, never miss overdue tasks and see when friends/family complete tasks.

Shopping List

Shopping is like a task, but a bit different. So we built the easiest way to organize shopping lists and share them with others. A huge plus is that the shopping list works offline too, because not every supermarket provides a great network.

Why choose “Do it today”.

On purpose we built our app for the casual user and the ones who need a to-do app for to get things done with friends & family. We do not want to overcomplicate things or include features just for the purpose of upselling. Our to-do app is simple for the everyday tasks including features like shopping list or the agenda view. If you don’t need a professional to-do app for teams, this is perfect for you.

What User's Are Saying

  • While in Business I found many useful tools to organize small and large teams, there was nothing compelling made for the “normal” life. Do it Today fills this gap without being too complex in offering what I need to organize my family and me without compromises. Marcus Tober - Entrepreneur & Family man.

  • TDaily life is getting more and more complicated. Especially if you have kids, you have someone who relies on you, that you manage yours and their day. With do it today I'm able to successfully organise all upcoming things and even find some time for my self. Andre Wiedemann - Passionate Developer

  • The best app for organizing a million and one things to do. It helps me stay organized with my projects, my daily routine, and even my shopping list. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to improve their life and become more productive. Alexandr Nohrin - Designer